Example document

This is an example document, which is readonly. All changes made are local. You can try out all editor features, but nothing is saved. View and presentation always display the original example document.


You can write text in a bold, italic and strikethrough way.


Headings start with a #. The number of # corresponds to the level of the heading. So # Test is a level 1 heading and ## Text is a level 2 heading. The maximum depth is 6.



function fac(n){

  if(n == 0){
    return 1;

  return n * fac(n-1);


This is a quote

Multiline quote

This is a quote which spans over more than one line


Unordered list

Ordered list

  1. Items
  2. where enumeration
  3. is relevant

More elements

You can also include a link


example picture


Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Text Text Text
More text Test Some text

Horizontal line

There has to be an empty line between text and ----

Markdown Editor


This editor syncs automatically all changes. There is no need for a 'save' button. If you and your friend both open the same document, all changes are instantly synced between you. So yes, this is an collaborative editor!


You can view your rendered markdown if you click on the 'View' button on top of the editor page. Or you can go to the main site, insert the document name you want to view and hit 'View' - same applies for presenting. View of this text


You can also generate a presentation. For main slides, just insert three line breaks between the slides. If you want something like a subslide, use two line breaks. This document uses this format, so you can view the presentation generated by this markdown text.


The default theme is white which will be used when you click on any Present button. The url for a presentation is /present/:theme/:doc. Replace :doc with the name of the document. You can use one of the following themes by replacing :theme with the theme name. Click on a theme to view the example presentation using that theme.

Note: Themes excluded from presentation to prevent the content to grow over the size of the slide

More on presenting

You can include notes in this way: Note: This will only appear in the speakers view

Speakers view

Open the speakers view by pressing S.


Press O or ESC to open the overview of the presentation. Press one of these buttons again to close the overview.


You can pause a presentation by pressing B or .


Hit F to launch fullscreen.

Navigate through your presentation by the arrow keys or using the SPACE key.

PDF Export


In order to export the rendered markdown to pdf, just click on 'View' and open the print page menu item in your browser. Then modify the settings, for example use default margins and hide top and bottom bar.


You may need chrome or a chromium based browser.


You can also change the theme of a presentation for pdf export. The url for a presentation suited for pdf export is /present/:theme/:doc?print-pdf. Replace :doc with the name of the document. You can use one of the already soecified themes by replacing :theme with the theme name.